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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Well, teaching here is certainly interesting. I think that the most disappointing thing is the lack of actual teaching involved. In the work that I've done so far, I've felt more like a baby-sitter or zoo keeper than a teacher. It's pretty boring.

The kids here are okay. We are having a lot more problems because we are the supply teachers and these kids have been programmed to behave more like wild animals when their actual teacher is away. The four of us talked about it and we think that maybe it come down to trust. As a general rule I think that you can say that our Aussie students will trust you to be their teacher and keep them engaged. If you let them down their trust wanes and they start to act up. Ultimately they lose respect for you. Here, they expect you to earn their trust, and as a supply teacher there just isn't the time.

On Thursday I have an interview for a part time position teaching drama in Richmond. There is also another part time position teaching drama in an all-girls school somewhere. Hopefully I can get one of those jobs. That would mean a steady position for about 3-4 days a week and the option to take the other days off to travel, sight-see or do an extra day of supply. Thankfully, because the part time positions are through our agencies, I still get paid at the daily rate of £120 a day. Yay! I'll keep you updated.


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