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Friday, January 20, 2006

What Makes A Bad Tour Guide

We've been on a lot of organised tours while here in the States and we've sort of worked out what makes a good tour guide and what we don't really enjoy in a tour guide. Recently, we went on a tour with a woman who exhibited all of the negative traits we could imagine. Luckily the location of the tour itself counteracted her. So here is my list of annoying tour guide traits...
  1. Being told the wrong time to meet the bus so that we have a 6am wake up instead of 7am.
  2. The bus being half an hour late on top of our being given the wrong time.
  3. Taking a really long time to get each individual member of the tour onto the bus. I do mean a very, very long time.
  4. Handing out time schedules like they are made of gold. "No, no, it's only one per family!" Make sure you have enough or tell us to get them at the location.
  5. Instead of waiting until everyone is on the bus to give instuctions, repeat them every time someone new gets on the bus... and use the same bad jokes each time.
  6. Calling yourself Mama Bear and inviting us to do likewise.
  7. Calling the passengers your "children" and going on and on about how you will protect your "children".
  8. Being pushy when telling your passengers what they should do at the location.
  9. Giving a choice of movie for the bus ride home and then when the passengers choose, telling them a thousand reasons why that's a bad choice and putting on something no-one wants. Something with frontal nudity and the f-word. There were children on the tour.
  10. Expecting a tip after having a terrible attitude all day.

Thankfully all other tour guides, bus drivers and organisers have not been like this one horror.


  • Yes they seem to manufacture multitudes of this type of spieces in the M & W

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:50 am  

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