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Monday, January 09, 2006

Hollywood? Hollyweird? Holly-yawn!

We spent about three days in Hollywood all together, living on Hollywood Boulevard. Right in amongst it. Our hotel room wasn't quite ready when arrived so we left our bags at the hotel and wandered up and down the Boulevard. There were lots of stars on the sidewalk (which we found out celbrities have to apply for and then pay about $15000 for the priveledge of having) and there were lots of people standing around in costume. Some looked reasonably authentic, others didn't. Superman had shoved something rather large down the front of his pants that made me giggle rather loudly.

What we learnt in the two hours we walked around on Hollywood Boulevard is that it ain't what it once was. You could see glimpses of it, like at the Roosevelt, there was an area in the foyer that had a early 1900s Hollywood ambience about it and I could've stayed there all day. Most of Hollywood, however, is kinda dirty, over-priced, cheesy and built for tourism. I have to admit though, once we realised this it was no longer disappointing and we were able to find the good bits.

Good Bit #1: We went to see "The Chronicles of Narnia" in El Capitan, which is a monster of a movie theatre run by Disney. The movie itself was fantastic but even more so because of where we saw it. The theatre itself has two levels and we sat in the balcony. All around the theatre was memorabilia from the movie... and I'm talking actual statues from the set! As people were being seated there was a man playing the Wurlitzer organ and when he finished he just sunk into the stage. Then as the movie's overture played, the theate had set up little snow machines so we were snowed on. I can't think of a better way to see a film.

Good Bit #2: Actually seeing the Hollywood sign and learning the history behind it, i have to admit was pretty cool. It's just there. In the hills.

Good bit #3: Being there while a star was unveiled for Queen Latifah. Okay, to be honest we walked past as all these people and cameras were assembling. We asked this odd looking American woman what was going on. She told us and tried to give us a flyer to get signed. We looked at her, looked at each other, smiled and then went off to get some lunch. We were also there for the premier of the film "Bloodrayne". Again there was a big to-do. This time there was also red-carpet and parts of the street were blocked off for people wanting to see the stars. There was even a special section for the media. Adie and I had a similar reaction. Even when we realised that the after party was at our hotel. We chose sleep.

Good Bit #4: Universal Studios... but I think I'll make this a separate post


  • Ha-ha, very cute Adie. I gave Hollywood a miss. Interesting fact about those stars. That theatre sounds pretty fabulous too.

    We were visiting friends in Orange County and were hanging out in their pool and eating Taco Bell.

    Your motel experience sounds a lot like the Motel6 we stayed in (I can't remember where). Found some lovely people while we were swimming in that pool but I agree, it does make you value your own blessings.

    By Blogger Riss, at 3:38 am  

  • Yeah, it's pretty much a hole, ain't it. That's what Wifey meant by "enjoy it for what it is" in her comment a few posts ago.

    Once you've done it once, you don't need to go back and do it again.

    By Blogger BEVIS, at 4:20 am  

  • like riss we had such a hotel but on our first night in LA -downtown area
    with all the nasty trimmings like someone trying to open the door at 4am lucky we had the chest of draws pushed up againt the door. But it is all in the tour so to say. Like you didnt get to impressed in Hollywood Bvld look in the back streets ther for the real USA experience. Love M & W

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:06 am  

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