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Monday, January 09, 2006

San Diego

On our drive to San Diego, we encountered our first taste of heavy traffic. Luckily it wasn't quite peak hour, otherwise Adie could have blown a gasket. It added about an hour or two onto our drive time though.

San Diego itself is a really nice little city. We went there primarily for the zoo, but found that the people were really lovely. I guess it was because it's the low season, but the hotel upgraded our room so that we were on the top floor. This meant that Adie could clearly see all of the planes coming in and out of the airport. I think he was in heaven.

There were only really two things that we had time to do here. The first was to go to the San Diego Zoo and the second was to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe.

This zoo really is stunning. They have every bird and animal you could imagine, including koalas and wombats. While in the zoo we saw two live animal shows, took a 40 minute bus tour through the whole park and went on the skyfari, which is an arial tram.

Apart from the sheer size of this place, the thing that really struck Adie and I was the amounts of vegetation. It really was like walking through the jungle. All sorts of plants were on display, and they were given as much emphasis as the animals.

Some of the animal highlights were the polar bears, the hippopotamus (we got to see him both on land and in water), the gorrillas, the baby giraffe and the female riendeer with a full head of horns. Did you know that they shed their horns each year and grow a new set?

Anyway, we spent the entire day at the zoo and, while we didn't quite get to see everything, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


  • Hi there guys. Just wanted to let you know I'm finally joining the 21st century and thoroughly enjoying reading about your adventures. It is taking me back to my trip to the states in 2003. I read all of your posts from the beginning to now and was very disappointed to have finally caught up, because now I'll have to wait for the next one. Sounds like you are having an awesome time and the photos are great. I am so very, very jealous.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:04 am  

  • hello my darlings,

    Great postings...reads just like a best seller. Such cool photos. However, I am a bit disappointed.. I know you saw the hippopotamus in & out of the water.. but you didn't see him on the roof eating cake? what's that all about.. slack on your behalf i think!!! (he he he) No really great stuff - and I so wish I could go back to universal studios. Cool place isn't it? Keep having fun and taking in the serenity.
    Lots of love Deb & Guido

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:49 am  

  • I'm so in awe of Adie driving those American roads. My Dad did it and, apart from one incident when he nearly turned into oncoming traffic, he managed very well. I don't know how I'd cope. I've even said that if I was going to be doing much driving in country England then I'd be getting myself some lessons.

    Well done to Alison too for joining us!

    Keep up the good work and stay safe over there.


    By Blogger Riss, at 5:00 am  

  • Glad to hear you are having a great time. Enjoy the rest of your travels and see you soon!!! You have my mobile number so give us a ring when you get to England. Quite cold here and it snowed at the weekend.

    Take care
    Lyndsay xxxx

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:45 pm  

  • Hello my lovelies!

    What lovely writting you do. It would seem you are having a lovely time. I am lovely...missing you too much already...I am very jealous...but so glad of all you are doing.
    Anyway I think I have used lovely too many times in one entry so...for now I will say a lovely goodbye.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:23 am  

  • interesting reading

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:58 am  

  • Great news, but you missed the Coranado Hotel with the best cakes in
    SD right on the beach front, never mind next time. love M & W Ararat

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:58 am  

  • Fantastic photos Nina...I'm really enjoying your postings...cheers Jill

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:44 am  

  • I'm not, but I seem to be the only one ...


    I'm kidding, of course.

    Now, I'm not going to finish every comment by wishing you a happy trip again ...

    I comment so frequently, that will quickly become tiresome and annoying.

    So instead:

    *stares blankly*

    By Blogger BEVIS, at 12:20 pm  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Down Under, at 6:20 am  

  • Hey Mrs K! I'm on the Internet! Be afraid, be very afraid... By The Way, this is Marita. I have yet to read all your postings(?)(note to self: learn internet language) but of what I have, it sounds absolutly fantastic!!! I hope to read more, and hope your holiday continues in its oh so wonderful (darn you) way.

    By Blogger MAL, at 7:48 am  

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