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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Words To Avoid When Teaching Teenage Boys

Local vernacular is an interesting thing, and I thought that I had it sussed. I've been listening to my students to try and understand their slang and I've been avoiding using the words that make their faces screw up into a question mark.

Unfortunately I did saw one word, that with hindsight I really should have known, that left me with a class of 15 year old boys rolling on the floor laughing because their teacher had been so incredibly rude. (Unknowingly I swear!)

We were talking about woman who had been left at the alter and the effects that this had had on her. (It related to a poem.) So I start going on about this hot spunk that she was going to marry and how he broke her heart. How was I to know that "spunk" does not mean attractive person, but instead it is a really crass way of saying sperm!?!

Thnakfully now I know. The boys told me... again and again. I hate it when I blush in class.


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