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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Aloha from Waikiki, Hawaii

Well, we made it to America without any hiccups. There was some nausea and sleeplessness, but what do you expect on a 10 hour flight. We've since managed to catch up on some sleep and eat some cholesterol free eggs and turkey bacon. Only joking... us Aussies eat the real stuff.

So, onto our adventures so far. I think we've managed to see every "American" shop that we've heard about including Macy's, and 31 Flavors, but we have resisted the urge to shop. The people are incredibly friendly and helpful. Lots of smiles. Even the bus driver from the airport to the hotel insisted on giving us a sight-seeing tour.

We had our first of many Hard Rock Cafe experiences for the year. Next time the menu says red pepper, I'll know that means red HOT pepper. I did eat most of it though. Adie managed not to buy another mug, but we got a cool photo of the car over the bar.

On the way home from the Internet cafe we will be stopping at Godiva for some oh-so-yummy Belgian chocolates right here in the heart of Honolulu. I'd better not savour them for too long though as the weather is simply beautiful.

Yesterday we thought we'd check out Waikiki beach, just across the road from our hotel. You can hire everything there, from lockers to beach chairs and surfboards. We didn't stay very long though because it was totally packed! We did have a little paddle though, the water was warm and clear, we could see little fish swimming around. I would have thought that they'd be frightened off by all the people, but no... maybe they feed off dead skin cells and toddlers piddle.

The beach was a real treat for me though because we got to see two fantastic sights. The first was this older lady, about 60-70, who had decided to get a tan. Now, most people wear bathers and a beach towel, not this ingenious woman, she decided why buy bathers when a bra will do. So, there she was basking in the sun's warm rays with her skirt hoiked up and her top off. I have to admit though, she did have a great tan!

The second treat was the opportunity to see a 'typical' American family just as I'd always imagined them. Mom, Dad and 2.4 kids. All overweight and posing for a family photo in front of the Big Kahuna. Not only did they look the part, they also acted it. Picture this... the photo has been taked and chubby kid number one has decided he's bored, so he's punching the big metal statue. Mom sees him and starts shouting "Brandon! Brandon stop that!" Dad then also chimes in and then so does the little sister. Eventually Brandon stops and they start walking down the street. Brandon sees a McDonlads. "Dad, can we have McDonalds?" And he just kept saying this over and over again. Fantastic. (I should make a note though. This family, while a definite stereotype, have not been the norm so far.)

And that's it for now. Tonight we're off to Paradise Cove to get laid and see a traditional Hawaiian lu-au before feasting on some pig that's been cooking underground throughout the day. Mmm, yum? Then tomorrow we go on a tour of the entire Island of Oahu. We're looking forward to all of this and will tell you all about it eventually I'm sure.


  • Woo-hoo! The fun has well-and-truly started, eh?

    I loved Hawaii when I went there with the family as a 12-year-old. I'm sure Wifey and I would love it even more now.

    Have a great time there, and try to get some snorkling in, if you can / if it interests you / if you haven't already. The fish swim right up to you and you can literally pat them!

    Anyway, you're the one on the holiday, not me - so I'll leave the holiday stories up to you. :)


    By Blogger BEVIS, at 1:26 am  

  • Thanks for the email.

    I got a shock last night when I had a call from you, and then realised that it was from your house and not actually from you but Heaven instead. :)

    One recommendation about Hawaii is to only swim at a surf beach if you know you'll have enough energy to be able to get yourself out of the water safely afterwards. My Dad had to rescue my Nan once and it was a bit scary.

    I guess that goes for any sort of water activities though as I had to save Boo on the same trip when she got tired in the middle of a body of water under a waterfall somewhere on Oahu.

    Thank Mum & Dad that I had swimming lessons and could get out there to her fast enough.

    Stay safe and Happy New Year!


    By Blogger Riss, at 3:30 am  

  • that sounds great! aren't americans just so, like, unsurprising? they are everything the tv depicts them as being. Enjoy getting LAID!!! that took me a while to figure out what you meant! i'd love to see the water there, hope you're getting lots of photos. enjoy the sun, surf and sea. it's been hot also at home and i'm swimming too (but not with the fishies!)
    lots of love,
    p.s i'm thinking of you both heaps.

    By Anonymous wifey, at 7:34 am  

  • Fantastic to hear you guys are having fun. Hope you have very happy new year.

    P.S. Eddie says hi

    P.P.S. Puschka is having fun dominating her new servants and misses you already.

    By Anonymous Heaven, at 12:13 am  

  • Bevis: I can't snorkle!!! I'm too blind. All I see are blurry colourful shapes. It's actually quite scary.

    As for the swimming? Yeah, we didn't do that. We were too busy checking everything out and freaking out about the currents. The hotel pool was freezing!!

    Love Noshie and Adie

    By Blogger noshie, at 8:25 pm  

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