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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Travelling with American Airlines

A couple of things to note when travelling with American Airlines.
  1. They don't feed you, even when you are in the air for over 5 hours! You must either bring food with you or eat before you get on the plane. How did we find this out? We were confused by all of the people in the airport lounge chowing down on huge sandwiches and other assorted foods. It turns out that they knew what was coming. Our travel agent could have told us. We were able to get a snack pack for $3 American which was okay and they did give us something to drink, so I guess next time we'll be better prepared.
  2. The seats are atrocious! My back is so stiff now. My cuddle pillow wasn't even enough to prevent pain.
  3. The baggage carousels get jammed and you have to wait for around 1 hour, if we're anything to go by and until people start asking questions, they don't think to tell you what's going on.
  4. Finally, if you take supershuttle from the airport to your hotel, make sure you tip the driver. After we had to wait over an hour in the rain for a shuttle the driver, who we'd already paid, got really quite narky with us when we didn't tip him. Rude!

Everything and everyone else, however, have been fantastic!


  • Wow, you are really into the holiday thing now - so pleased you're having a great time. Will miss you when we return to work though! Photo's make it all so real for us - looking forward to more of your adventures. Rita

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:38 pm  

  • The whole tipping system is ridiculous anyway. They should be paid enough to do their jobs so that tipping isn't necessary (but is always at the discretion of the 'customer' for exceptional service if the customer so feels like rewarding good service). It should not effectively be 'required' by all and sundry ... particularly if the service provided is disgusting!

    And if the service is atrocious, the staff member can go jump. They're not getting a tip if they give me attitude! The point of the tip is that it's a gratuity, so don't come to expect (or worse yet: demand) it, if your level of service is a disgrace!

    I've already paid for the services that carry a cost with them; if I'm going to have to pay an additional 10% or more just because you did your stinkin' job, you'd better be bloody impressive and make my day brighter - otherwise you can jam it, buddy.

    *sheepish smile*

    (You probably shouldn't have brought this up! ...)

    Maybe you should do what I did - cut some sheets of paper into the same shape and size as an American one dollar bill, then roll / fold them up with a single one dollar bill on the outside, visible. Have a bunch of these ready to go in one pocket, and your 'regular' money in another.

    When someone gives you poor service but still expects you to tip them, shake their hand with one of these scrolls of paper tucked inside your grip. They'll take it without looking too hard and thank you / ignore you, shoving it into their own pocket without doing anything so crude as to check it out in front of you. Only later will they discover that it was only a single dollar and the rest of the thickness they felt was worthless paper! By then they probably won't know who gave it to them anyway. You can even write a message on the paper saying "Next time, be a better service provider and you might receive actual money, jerk!" if you want.

    Just don't accidentally mix up the pockets. You don't want to give an excellent porter, waiter, etc, a rude message telling them to buck up!

    Er, ... did I say I did this? I must have been thinking of someone else, sorry ...

    By Blogger BEVIS, at 1:49 pm  

  • the last time i flew american airlines they stopped giving out pillows as well to save money. all american airlines including united airlines give same service as Vigin blue, they are all nearly bank rupt. so if you fly a domestic american airline expect nothing. Malcolm

    By Anonymous mal, at 5:45 am  

  • Mal, we were lucky on our last flight because we got emergency exit seats. This meant that although we got no tv or radio and only a small bag of pretzels and a soft drink, we had sooo much leg room we were almost comfortable!

    By Blogger noshie, at 7:32 pm  

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