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Friday, February 17, 2006

Photo Catch Up

Prepare yourself. There are a lot of photos ahead.

This photo was taken at the Kennedy Space Center with some guy who was an astronaut out in space; I can't remember his name though. He was very American but also very nice.


We were lucky enough to find some NYC police to pose with us for a photo. (Actually, they all seem to want their photo taken, but I digress.) See the look on my face? Yes, that's me shitting myself as Mr Policeman draws attention to his ridiculously large gun!

Hehehe... I got to feed the squirrels. They were so cute! Never get them through customs though. Ahh, Lady Liberty. Symbol of this, that and the other. This is merely one of approximately thirty photos taken of the statue. I like it because Adie is in it.

Here we all are having a lovely buffet lunch over-looking Niagara Falls. Check out the view! No Nina! No! Don't jump over the edge! I'm funny, yes? Okay, maybe not but our photos are starting to get really predictable. Oh, doesn't Adie look good in his ear phones and sunglasses! This was on the helicopter that showed us some amazing views of the falls and the landscape in general.
Adie is very good at taking photos of me making starnge faces. This is just one of many that I thought I'd treat you to. It's a special shot of me in my beloved beanie. I can't remember why I made the face, but I do know that my beanie is no longer a part of my life. I left it in Argos while looking for a cheap alarm clock. I will treasure the memories...
Here we have Adie posing with a barrel that some total fool decided to get inside of and then go over the falls in. Why? I hope Adie hasn't got any stupid ideas!


  • great photos Nina...especially love the squirrels..they are sooo cute! Keep up the good work, your entries are a delight to read...take care...Jill

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:31 pm  

  • You are so cute. And so are the squirrels. Ones we met around tourist areas used to be terribly well-fed.

    That photo with the police looks too good to be real. Definitely one to blow up, sorry, enlarge. They all want to have their photo taken? When do they do their crime-fighting? :)

    By Blogger Riss, at 9:29 pm  

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