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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Warsawa, Poland

I really enjoyed Poland. I learned so much about the history and the people that I was fascinated the entire time we were there.

Before actually hitting Warsaw, we stopped in Poznan for lunch. This was where we saw the first of many aminated clocks. The Poznan clock featured two goats who very slowly butted their heads together.

In Poznan, like a lot of Poland, all buildings were levelled in WW2. It is actually very rare to find buildings that are very old. Everything still looks old though, because the people have rebuilt everything in it's original style. While it's a little bit disappointing to know that everything around you is relatively new, it's amazing to think about the work that's gone into getting everything back to how it was.

Now, back to Warsaw. One of the nicest aspects of this city is all of the greenery. There are a lot of parks and they tend to be big and beautiful with fountains (that aren't on in winter), flowers (that don't bloom in winter) and statues (the same all year round I suspect). Although this may sound like I'm complaining, I'm not. We loved spending time in the parks of Poland and some of my favourite memories are of slowly walking through one of them back to the hotel.

The parks were all so tranquil. We want to go back to Lazienkowski Park in summer one day because they haul in a piano and hold open air Chopin concerts as the audience sit amongst the rose bushes filling all of their senses with sounds, sights and smells.

There are a lot of monuments and places of interest in Warsaw. Far too many to list. One place that we spent a lot of time in was the Old Town (all European cities seem to have an Old Town). It tends to be a whole lot of old buildings surrounding a square that has been preserved to shop a slice of life gone by.

One night in Warsaw we went to a Chopin concert. We entered this huge park that contained several palaces. (Apparently the Royal family all wanted to live nea each other but in their own home.) In one of those buildings we sat on expensive chairs, surrounded by gold leafed everything as this amazing pianist gave a one hour performane of some of Chopin's music. Never have I seen fingers move so quickly and with such precision.
Warsaw was lovely. We were there for a good amount of time and we were able to see heaps. There is still so much more to write about, I hope that you have patience as I slowly get around to writing about it all.


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