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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Just taking a short break from writing about our travels while I wait patiently for the photos to be transferred onto CD. In the meantime I thought I'd write about a couple of wonderful events in the life on Noshie and Adie in the past two weeks.

We've been fortunate enough to catch up with family! First it was with my Dad in Munich where he was looking after his mum, my Oma. She is amazing woman who is just days away from her 100th birthday! Gosh I come from good stock. Her neighbour picked us up from our hotel and we were able to spend a few hours with Dad and Oma.

The visit was nice. Dad made coffee and Oma climbed out of bed to sit in the lounge with us. It's what she wanted to do and she did it on her own. At 99! (I may go on about that a little because I am so blown away by her.) Adie obviously couldn't understand her because of his not speaking German, but I couldn't understand her either because she has such a thick Bavarian dialect. Dad was happy to translate though.

She was really happy to see us and I'm so glad that we had the chance to see her. She such a strong and determined woman. It's a little sad to see her not feeling very well, but at her age you can't expect anyone to be dancing a jig without a care in the world.

Seeing her also meant that we got to see my Dad, which was fantastic. You don't really notice how much support you get from family until you leave them for awhile. I guess that's true of a lot of things. He's looking good and, considering the reason for his early departure for Germany, he was in good spirits. Love ya Dad.

As well as catching up with my dad, we also caught up with Adie's brother (we'll call him... there are so many possibly names... CSI) and his girlfriend (The Winner). They came over last night and crammed into our little flat for dinner.

It was really nice to catch up with them. They look happy and healthy and seem to be having a really good time on their holiday. (Soon they head for America.) We chatted about things at home, family and all that we've been doing. Robocop had also brought Adie a nice present from Ireland and a package from home for his birthday. (April 27th) He'd beed told via phone not to open his birthday envelope until his actual birthday, so instead we opened the other envelope. It was fabulous, with photos and paintings for us to hang on the wall. Perhaps luckily, I read the accompanying letter out loud and was able to edit the first paragraph that I think eluded to what Adie's pressie might be.

We are sooo sorry if we misinterpreted and were not meant to open anything until Adie birthday, but rest asured that Adie has not read anything he should not have and that his curiosity is still totally piqued. Everyday I hear, "I wonder what it could be? Maybe it's this... or that? Whatdo you think Noshie?"

Anyway, it's been lovely to have a slice of home after four months overseas. Anyone else who'd like to visit, we'll cook a lovely dinner for you as an incentive. :)


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