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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Brussels In Pictures

Okay, here are some of the photos from Brussels. This first one doesn't have either of us in it, but it's a good one of Grand Place.
Here's me in front of a couple fo really decent chocolate shops. Neuhaus is one of my faves and sells some of the most amazing chocolate creations you'll ever come across. Godiva is also very nice, and it's where Adie had his white chocolate dipped strawberry!
You can see the vat of melted chocolate in the window! It's justwaiting for me to dive in. (Except I'm a traditionalist and am not a big fan of white choc.)
Here's my Adie posing with Manneken-Pis. Quite a few people have said that they expected him to be bigger. Me too I guess because I almost walked right past him!
A better view of the boldlittle tyke. Look at his face! He really is a cheeky little devil.Here's Adie posing with the Atomium. Should we find ourselves in Brussels again sometime, I think I'll make my way up there. This time we had to make a move to the next sight.
Sorry this one's sideways. I don't have the software to change it and can't work out if I can it on the blog so just tilt your head to the left and voila! It's the cathedral in the background.And finally... the fondue! All that ice cream, fruit and chocolate brownie. Yummo! We even managed to eat it all by ourselves!
Remember, I may not be online for the nexttwo weeks if Internet access is scarce or expensive. But don't worry, I will be back.


  • That fondue looks fab. Now you know how they really do it I shall expect to see one sometime when you're back downunder. :) Brussels looks very pretty (and a bit chilly) and I'm disappointed that Logan & I didn't get there now. Aah, maybe next time??

    Boo is in Paris at the moment and staying in Montmartre. She's been to look at Moulin Rouge and is very excited just to be in Paris itself - says she feels like she's in a movie. :)

    By Blogger Riss, at 10:37 pm  

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