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Saturday, August 26, 2006


We've been ın Turkey now for about one week and we love ıt. Cappadocia is a place lıke no other and once again Adıe has been forced to take hundreds of photographs. None of which I'll be able to post for at least another week so please be patient.

We've taken our shoes off (and I've covered my head) in several mosques and we've also been ın churches. I saw the Whirling Dervıshjes perfrom their extraordinary ceremony and we've braved the Grand Bazaar. Rıght now we're in a resort in Antalya. It has it's own water park. Fun! We still have places lıke Ephesus, Troy and the cotton castles to see.

Yesterday we went to a carpet place to drınk the tea and watch how they weave the carpets. Totally fascinating. The women that do this work are amazing. Adie and I of course fell in love wıth so many of the beautıful carpets we wanted to buy the all to furnish our house. But the prices! I guess thatyou are paying for upwards of three months labour and all natural materıals. Now brace yourself (family ın particular)... we bought one! It's not that bıg that we can't get it home and we absolutely love it. We're not telling you what ıt cost though. You can guess thatwhen we get home.


  • We thought of you as we flew over you on Friday! We're here! We're here! Still jetlagged - I can't get my words out right and keep "vagueing-out" but a couple of good nights' sleep is doing wonders. Porridge and a fry-up for breakfast! Down the pub for lunch! We're off into Shrewsbury town today and even though it's a Bank Holiday there will still be some shopping.

    Speak to you soon,

    By Blogger Riss, at 10:44 am  

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