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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Did You Know That Baltic Women Are Gorgeous?

Adie and I have recently returned from our week in the Baltics. We really enjoyed ourselves there. Our faves were Tallinn and Riga, but really everything we saw and experienced was great. Especially the relaxed atmosphere in these countries. It's left us feeling quite refreshed after finishing the school year a week ago.

To explain the title... it's the truth. Everywhere you looked the young women were absolutely gorgeous. I don't know how they do it... great genes I guess.

Here I am at the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania. A really freaky place where people leave crosses of all sizes and descriptions to commemorate those who fell while fighting for freedom or just those that they have personally lost. The place was huge and I can imagine that at night it would be too eerie.
Here is Adie being caught a little off guard in the restaurant where we had lunch in Kaunas. It was a fantastic munch too. You can interpret the photo as you wish. Perhaps he's praying before his meal. Maybe he's about to do one of his world famous dance routines. Only I know the truth!Once we arrived in Vilnius, we went on a tour of the city. Some of the churches and old buildings were like nothing we've seen before. This is Adie standing in Cathedral Square. There was some poor bugger here weeding between the pavement stones. Everytime we came back to this central point over the course of the day, he was still at it... spraying away.Here I am standing in font of St. Catherine's Church in Vilnius. The gothic architecture was really intricate... and I never thought that I would be talking about architecture here.


  • where are the photos of the baltic women????

    By Anonymous mal, at 9:38 am  

  • Sorry Mal
    I guess we just don't think about you enough while on holidays. Shame on us!

    By Blogger noshie, at 6:41 pm  

  • i am shattered i thought you would be thinking about me every day. Oh well i suppose I can keep dreaming. have fun, keep safe.

    By Anonymous mal, at 12:11 pm  

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