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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Join Us In The Baltics

I am happy to say that I can finally put up the rest of our photos from the Baltics. The last time I only got a few on before the computer cracked the sads and wouldn't play nice anymore.

So what are the photos of? Well this is Tallin, the capital city of Estonia. It has one of the most beautiful, interesting and potentially confusing Old Towns that we've seen so far. After spending most of the day on the bus Adie dragged me kicking and screaming on a walk into the Old Town because he wanted to take photos at sunset. I was tired and sick of walking, but I pouted and followed. It soon turned to smiles as I saw that it was worth it. The next day we were able to get a photo from the same lookout thanks to a friendly photographer on our tour. I tell you it was bloddy crowded and we stood there for about ten minutes waiting to get a shot without other people in it. AS it was we still had to settle for someone's arm!
This one was taken in a town called Tartu. There were lots of lush, green parks and a quaint little town square. The square has this waterfall in it of two people kissing under an umbrella. I can't fully remember what it's meant to symbolise, but two older ladies on our tour thought that her skirt was too short.
Now we're in Latvia, in the town of Cessis. Cessis is a lovely little medieval town with portions of the castle and wall still standing. In front of the castle is a park with this beautiful lake in the middle of it. Closer the the castle walls is...
... an amphitheatre! Which is used to hold traditional dancing and singing competitions in the area.
Here we are in Lithuania at Trakai Castle. This is an area that is covered in many lakes and on one of the islands someone built a castle in medieval times. We were able to go over to the island and wander around looking at artifacts and marvelling at the architecture. When we were done we paid some guy some money to borrow one of his silly-looking, dophin-shaped paddle boats and we paddled around the islands. It was so peaceful out there on the water. Some people were even swimming and made me jealous that I didn't have any bathers with me.
So here, in the last picture for this post, you can see Adie in Vilnius. It was a nice and subdued place, but in all honesty we preferred the other two capitals of Riga and Tallinn.
Should you get the chance to go to these places, do consider it. They are cheaper than a lot of places in Europe and have a really interesting history to tell and share. Their food is hearty and they want tourism. Apparently most people don't come to these parts of the world until they've been everywhere else. It's a shame really.


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