Trip Of A Lifetime

Friday, August 18, 2006


Wanted to go back and give more details about the Greek photos I posted, but this computer won´t let me see the photos meaning I will be describing something I can´t see. Could be interesting I guess, but I´ll give it a miss.

We´re in Barcelona at the moment and we´re leaving here for Turkey tomorrow. We´re both very excited about that! We have heaps of photos to put on here when we get the chance. We still have to bore you with Santorini and what we took here in Spain.

We´re having a good time, if a slightly tiring one, and wish it could last forever. As it´s impossible for life to work out that way, we are instead making sure that we make the most of every opportunity we´re getting.

May not be able to post again for a couple of weeks. Not sure of the Internet situation in Turkey. Will be able to play catch up then though I would think.


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