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Friday, July 14, 2006

Blood Brothers

I hadn't realised that I never came back to tell you all how our night out for our anniversary went, so I thought I'd quickly do that now.

We had a reasonable dinner in Covent Garden, without bread because they wanted to charge some ridiculous price for it, and then went to see Blood Brothers.

I've not heard very much about this musical, but I do know a little bit because it's on the UK GCSE curriculum and the year 11s were studying it at Shene when I was there. I was certainly intrigued by it and expected to enjoy the show. Unlike a lot of musicals we've seen recently, this one is a drama and not a comedy.

Do to it being a show that is studied by high school students, there were a lot of them around and after the noise they created at We Will Rock You, we were a little nervous about this lot. But they were all very well behaved and didn't interrupt the performance at all.

The show itself was quite good. I thought that the music was a little simplistic at times but the acting was superb and it had me in tears soon into the second act.

I can certainly see why it's ended up on the curriculum. It looks at some fantastic themes and, while it is somewhat complex, it's very upfront in its delivery of those themes so that it could be used as an excellent teaching tool when trying ot get students to understand how theatrical elements can be manipulated to influence the audience. I'll be looking out for it at home... maybe I'll take a class to see it if it makes it back to Australia one day.


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