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Friday, September 22, 2006

Some Quick Picks From France

Have to catch a lift into town, so this will have to be brief. There will be more photos of France at some point... could be anywhere from today to a week from now. I just don't know.
The first two photos are from our first little town in France called Beune. A lovely place where I was able to eat my first brie baguette and my first pastry!I think this is Lyon, but I'm not 100%. Anyone else know?
The next two photos are in Avignon. Another beautiful little town. The River Rhone is behind us.
This is Monte Carlo. I didn't realise we would go to the Principality of Monaco. Another place for Adie to add to his list. This place was kinda weird though. We did love the gardens but avoided the casinos.Finally we have photos of Nice. This is a stunning resort town filled with pebbled beaches and little shops that you get lost in. The first photo shows Adie in amongst some of those shops I mentioned and the second photo is at the beach (obviously). The water was nice, but we had warmer along the way.

Well, I have to scram. Will write again soon.


  • WOW - check out those tans, you spunky monkeys!!!! Thankyou for the memories of Turkey - has to be one of the top destinations in the world for a variety of reasons not to mention the provision of rose water on public transport and the magnificent pistacio turkish delights!! Loving the blog! Big kisses and cuddles from Hippie Chick. ps. The little guy is rolling over and has just found his feet (and private bits!. Video on way to your temporary abode.XXOO

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:31 am  

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