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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's Istanbul but was Constantinople

It's about time I hear our parents sigh! Adie and I really loved Turkey. There is just so much to see and it's all varied and interesting. We also loved the people, especially the restaurant owner who shouted us dessert.

So, I'm starting with Istanbul. Here you can see Adie in front of Hagia Sophia, the christian church, that is across the road from the Blue Mosque. Unfortuantely you can't see the amazing structure that is the Blue Mosque, but rest assured because we have many photos of that also.

This somewhat blurry picture os of me and some huge marble urn inside Hagia Sophia. I included it because although it's blurry (or perhaps because it's blurry) I think I look pretty good in it... don't you agree?After we'd spent some time in the heart of all that religion, we went to Topkapi Palace. This place is from the times of the sultans and it is crazy in it's wealth and grandeur. We are standing out the back of the place in this photo with it's view of the Bosphorus. A little brezzy, but stunning!
This is another section behind some of the rooms that display various riches that came from the Sultan's treasury. Don't you think Adie could model for Target?
On our final day in Istanbul we went to the Grand Bazaar, nice and early in the morning so that the crowd weren't too bad. It's a spectacular place, but you rally have to be prepared for the charming Turks and their desire to sell you something thatcould be somewhat dubious in terms of it's quality... kinda like the watch I bought that has since stopped moving. It does still make a ticking sound though.
Now it's time for washing to be put out in the sunshine and for me to call the Chinese Embassy. If I get that done quickly, I will do another entry or two.


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