Trip Of A Lifetime

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Can we just leave already!?!

We're pretty much packed. The house is almost clean. We've said goodbye to a lot of people, so can we just go now?

I have to say that it's pretty exciting knowing that my next post will be from another country... that is unless I'm bored out of my brain at Sydney airport. It's just so odd to be so close and yet still have Christmas before we have to leave. Oh well.

Here's to beautiful sandy beaches and people swaying their hips to the music as we drink from coconuts and sigh. I can't wait for Hawaii!


  • Hi Aidie and Nina,
    All the best for your trip....not long to go now. Will be praying for you while you are away for safety and protection. We'll check the website regularly for your updates.
    Love from Coralie and Adam

    By Anonymous Coralie and Adam Casey, at 9:23 am  

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