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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Work Update

Just to keep you updated on the whole Noshie work thing, I did get that job that I interviewed for and the lady I work with is so relieved to have another qualified drama specialist that I could do nothing and she'd welcome me. For those who are interested in these sorts of things or who like to check OFSTED reports, I now work 4 days a week at Shene School in Sheen. (Spelling is intentionally different.)

I've almost met all my classes. Some are quite good but wary because they haven't had a consistent teacher in awhile, and others are working at trying to either send me balmy or have me lose my voice. One of my supervisors told me with a smile yesterday that now that the Year 7s have been streamed unfortunately I've ended up with all the lowest classes. I could have told her that!

Let me tell you about streaming. Instead of mixed ability groups, kids are placed in groups academically. Also, classes vary in size. I have several of the "low ability" classes that have more than 30 students in them. Yay. I have another with only 15. Go figure.

I see myself as being faced with a challenge and I look forward to getting to know these kids and showing them that my classes are worth it. If they disagree, well there can be consequences!


  • Well done on getting the job. At least you won't be doing CRT which sounded awful for a while there.

    My sister leaves for Germany in a couple of weeks and will be in the UK in June to catch up with my parents and Grandmother.

    Hope you're both well. We're okay over here.


    By Blogger Riss, at 6:16 am  

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