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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Finally All Of The Photos From Our Trip

One place we visited and just weren't prepared for was Vienna. Had we done even justa little bit of research I think we would have found a thousand things to do but as we hadn't taken the time to do any we felt a little lost. This was the one place where we were lefton our own before the orientation tour so we just wandered around the city a little aimlessly trying to work out what some of the buildings or statues might be. After we'd done the tour we realised that, among other things, we really would've loved to have seen the Lipizzaner horses as they trained but because we didn't know about them we ran out of time in the end.

This first photo is of the gardens that are situated out the back of Schonbrunn Palace. Even though they weren't yet in full bloom, they were really tremendous to look at. Adie has always wanted a water feature in our backyard... I hope he didn't get any ideas here! After Vienna we made our way to Prague, one of the busiest tourist destinations in Europe. It's easy to see why. It is absolutely stunning! Unfortunately you do have to be really careful of pickpockets here though, especially in the old town square because of the sheer numbers of people bustling around. One lady on our tour had a change purse taken and a similar thing happened on Chip and Dale's tour of Prague. They have a very famous bridge here called the Charles Bridge and it started with one of the original towers from the old city wall. Quite impressive. On the bridge are thirty stautues of various figures. The one I'm touching below is supposed to bring you good luck... that's why it's gold underneath, everyone keeps having a rub.This is a photo along the river looking towards the Charles Birdge. It was so breathtaking we just had to stop. This place must be so beautiful through summer.This is a shot of Adie standing on something tall looking out over a city of some description. I have no idea where or when. I'd say he proabably knows. (I have a funny feeling it actually may be near a small church at the top of the smalleststreetyou can possibly imagine at the artists szentedre in Budapest, but I could be extremely misguided.In each country we visited there was the opportunity to go to a cultural dinner. At each one of these they would perform traditional dances and songs and they would also get people up to get involved. Adie usually ended up dancing with them because it was obvious that the wine was helping him to relax! This was at the gypsy dinner and Adie was expected to dance around some bottles while blindfolded and then had to drink a big glass of wine when he'd finished. At least it wasn't schnapps!Between Prague and Munich, we stopped in Rothenburg on the Romantic Road. This is a beautiful little town set out on a hill showing some stunning views and offering some delightful food. (Remind me not to use the word 'delightful' again.) This photo is of us eating our lunch. Adie had some sausages (when in Rome...) and I had the most amazing asparagus soup! And, it was warm enough for us to eat outside! Also at Rothenburg, in the town square, they had a family making fresh apple juice with this odd looking old apple press. I had to give it a try. It didn't taste great, but I drank it all anyway. They wash the glasses in a bucket of soapy water as you hand them back so they can refill and pass on to the next person. I probably shouldn't think about that too much.Here's another one of those lovely photos wehre I honestly have no clue about where we were. This time I don't even think I can guess! Adie... what do you think?
Justpastthe restaurant wehre we ate amazing asparagus soup, there is a park and at the end of the park you can look over the a little stream and village and just feel totally relaxed and at ease. This is a view of that place. I wish we had've had a little picnic and some wine because it really was the perfect location for hangin out on a warm afternoon.

And here we both are on the other side of the park. Ahhh. Lovely. One last place thatwe visited was Munich but we didn't take many photos there because it was Good Friday and nothing but the Hofbrauhaus was open. Any photos that we did take have not been put onto CD so I can't put them here. I hope that you've enjoyed our little trip and I can't wait to go to Italy. Only four weeks to go!!!


  • My Mum and Dad are off to Italy next week - staying in a villa in Tuscany with friends. Boo sounds like she's a bit homesick - lots of people to meet but much younger than she is and they want to party a bit harder (ie drink more alcohol) than she does and are not as mature. She's looking forward to seeing Mum & Dad a lot, I think. It must have been a little similar for you seeing your Dad recently - a little touch of home with a big hug for you.

    By Blogger Riss, at 4:05 am  

  • My parents are getting home tomorrow from a month in England and France.

    I wonder if everyone going to Europe at the same time is meant to signify anything?

    By Blogger BEVIS, at 7:36 am  

  • Hey Bevis
    What do you think it signifies?

    By Blogger noshie, at 9:59 am  

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