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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Never Travel To 6 Countries In 2 Weeks

As much as we enjoyed seeing all the amazing things we did over the two week break, it is really difficult to now separate them all. I do keep a written journal and we pick up booklets and other information along the way, but it's really difficult to separate. Every place we visited had a big bridge, old churches, and old town square and a palace. My brain is drained! I'm hoping thatby the time I get home I'll be able to sit down with it all, do some cross referencing and it'll all become clear.

Now, on to the photos.

The first two are actually of the Salt Mines in Poland. They were both taken in the main cathedral down there. Although this first one is a bit blurry in the background, be aware thateverything in this place was made of salt. We have a whole series of photos of the statues and carvings down there. Most of which really clearly show how intricate this work is.
Hopefully this hsot gives a better impression of the sheer size of this one room. Adie was on the grand staircase leading down into the cathedral to take the photo. Absolutely everything is salt. The floor, statues, candle sticks, the chandelier... all of it. I guess the only things that weren't are the people and the wires holding the light in place. It was pretty impressive.
I love this shot. Please don't ask me to tell you where I was exactly because I'd have to look it up in all of my notes and I just don't have the energy for that! I do know thatit's Budapest though. The view is over the river and on to the Parliament building, which really is a stunning piece of architecture. Adie and I could have stayed up here for days, but we had to keep moving.There was this big bridge in Budapest, again the name eludes me, and Adie insisted we climb over it even though that meant dodging traffic as we tried to get to the pedestrian walkway. It was very much worth it though because the views were stunning. I thought this a better picture than the views though.Do you know I don't know if this is Poland or Budapest! Hopefully Adie will have a look at it and be able to work it out for me. Please post the answer for me baby! It must have been sunny thought because he's squinting. That makes me think it's probably Budapest... but I could be wrong.I'd better go now. I have to teach a lesson in 5 minutes. I'll try to finish putting our holiday snaps up before the week is over.


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