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Monday, May 01, 2006

Photos!! Photos!! Photos!!

I decided to just put the photos on the blog rather than trying to write too much about each place because, to be honest, I can't remember all the details in the moments I find myself able to write. A picture apparently tells a thousand words, so it's now up to you to design a story around what little I offer you in terms of words and the silly amount of pictures that go with them!

Whenm in Poland, we went to a Polish dinner where the entertainment thought it would be fun to get people up and dancing. I was volunteered!

One of the places we visited while in Poland was the Wielicza (spelt wrong I'm sure) Salt Mines. Adie couldn't resist tasting the walls. Maybe he's deficient in something?While down there, Adie was also put through his paces to see if he could've cut it as a worker back inthe "good old days". I think he's more suited to modern life.One of the places that I really enjoyed was Krakow. Here I am posing in front of one of the many streets that come of the main square.After Poland, we went to Budapest. Again we really loved this place. The next two photos are of a square that houses the two main museums and several amazing statues that commemorate Hungary's heroes. Our guide here was great because he really gave us a lot of imformation. This first photo makes us paught because no matter what we did, this guy with the violin would not go away. We were worried in the end that he may expect payment, but he just seemed to want to be in our photo.This is a better shot of the heroes of Hungary... and also quite a nice one of me! If you quadruple the number of people you can see in this photo with me, then you might get an idea of how busy this place gets. We went quite early, but as we were getting ready to leave there were bus loads all arriving.From the heroes square, we were on towards the palace district. On the way we had to stop to take a photo of Adie and the view...and me and a random, but cute, statue.
The area around the royal palace was amazing with all of these different areas. One of the things they have here is a catherdral that seems to have been built on by everyone that ever occupied the residence and every one of them preferred a different style. Here we are posing in front of it.
There are so many more photos... some still of Budapest... and also the other places we visitied but the computer I'm working on has a mind of it's own and I'm ready to kick it as a result. So, please be content with this for now and I'll get back to the photos whenever I next can.


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