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Monday, June 26, 2006

Oh My, David!!!

Now I'm not one to really bother with leather and gold jewellery... and the bit about the leather hasn't changed. I have to admit though, since visiting Florence I want a gold necklace! I even know the one I want. It's diamond white, yellow and pink gold and it's simply stunning. It's not flashy, just a chain, but I want it! I guess I'd have to get a second job though because even though it's just a chain... it was really expensive!

Florence itself didn't really excite us all that much. Part of it could have been the weather, but a lot of it was also because of the queues and the emphasis on shopping. If we had've had time we would've gone to see more art, but the queues were ridiculous! Luckily we did go to the Academia, so we saw David. Man, he's impressive and I honestly could've looked for hours, especially at his arms. Wow!

Below are some photos we took on the River Arno and at Ponte Vecchio. Ponte Vecchio itself is pretty astounding, but it's all jewellery shops so by the time you admire the archetecture there's nothing else to do but shop... which for most seemed like more than enough!

This last shot is of Adie and I at dinner. The restaurant was up some thin, steep hill that had us all hoping to make it alive. It was worth it though for the amazing food and the spectacular views we were treated to as we munched on all of the traditional flavours.


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