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Friday, June 23, 2006

Sorrento And The Breathtaking Island Of Capri

Can you believe it? I finally found somewhere to put my photos online!

This would have to be one of the most beautiful places that Adie and I have visited. The photos just can't do it justice. The water was crystal clear and in the most stunning shades of green and blue.The island of Carpi has two towns. the first (Capri) you get to but ferry. Then if you want to go to the other (Anacapri) you have to take a car or bus along some of the scariest roads I have ever been on. They barely fit traffic in one direction much less both directions and parts of the road are built on incredibly sheer cliffs. It was one of those drives where you just don't look down.Once you get to Anacapri, you can then take a lovely chairlift ride up to the very summit of the island to check out the views. The great thing about the chairlift was that occaisionally your feet would bruch the vegetation below and you could see into people's gardens, some of which were decorated for us with shells and all sorts of kitchy bits and pieces. I preferred the vegie gardens but who am I to judge?Once up there the views, as a said earlier... breathtaking!Once we finished in Anacapri and had braved the ride back to Capri town, we were able to take the funicular down to the wharf to head back Sorrento. Now I was excited by this because I'd wanted to travel in one of these ever since I saw idiots run up the side of one in The Amazing Race. Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't all that thrilling, but it was something different.
Try it if you get the chance.


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