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Sunday, June 11, 2006

This Place Isn't Ruined!

One of the highlights of our trip was to have the chance to wander around the remains of the city of Pompei. I had some idea about what happened and how the city was preserved, but until I actually walked into the first building and then down the main street I don't think I really understood.

Part of the wonder of Pompei is that there is an actual account of the events all written down by a young man who was in the Bay of Naples at the time. That we are able to, in 2006, look at an almost perfectly preserved city from Italian history is just amazing. You learn so much by just walking around here. And you realise how advanced some of these cultures were.

This is one of the shops of main street. I wonder what Adie might like to buy? Thankfully the red light district was closed for maintenance!

Here is Adie on the main street. The stepping stones you see behind him were to aid people's passage across the street as the streets would often contain things you'd rather not step in. They are spaced apart do that the chariots could still use the street. We also saw how they white marble that would reflect the light to help people navigate at night. Pretty impressive!
I tried to put more photos on, but the Internet hates me today. I'll have to come back another day because I still have so much more to share about our 10 days in Italy!


  • Howdy guys,

    looks like you are having alot of fun. Hope everything continues to be a source of enjoyment.

    Mark Skermer.

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