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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Quick Italian Update

Right now Adie and I are sitting in an Internet cafe in Florence so that we can quickly check email etcetera.

Rest assured that Adie has taken approximately 350 photos already and we still have Sorrento and Capri to go! This means that once we get back to the UK and put all of the photos on disk we will be able to get them on here for you to look at.

We have seen so many beautiful and amazing things here in Italy so far. It really is a stunning country. The weather was fantastic all through Rome and Assisi. I've even started developing the slightest of tans. In Venice it started to rain a little, but it was only a little and the place I think would be magic even in a blizzard!

The weather here in Florence is perfect tourist weather. Not so hot we're sweating but warm enough that we feel comfortable. We haven't had much chance to see anything obvious yet because we got a little caught up with all of the shiny gold and smelly leather. We are going to the Duomo, the Academia (to check out David's butt) and the Ponte Vecchio once we leave this dingy room.

Other highlights that i will no doubt go into more detail about later are the amazing foods and wines that we've sampled, including Grappa. (Not so much amazing as holy cow!) Driving through the Tuscan hills. Travelling via gondola through the "street" of Venice. Watching the sunset over the St Francis Basilica as seen from our balcony. And the list goes on...

Trust us when we say that this place is somewhere that everyone needs to visit at least once in their lives.


  • Hi, it’s Marita. Ah, Florence! Birthplace of the Renaissance and all that. I hope you’re enjoying every minute, because it all sounds so wonderful. Sorry to see that you’re not enjoying work so much, but you’ll make the best of it, you always do. Continue enjoying the terrible reality TV :) I’m not sure if you get Survivor there, but according to Keryn, you're not missing much this year. Apart from the guy named Ares. But pronounced Arse. Americans.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:55 am  

  • Nina and Adrian,

    I'm not sure how to work this site. I'm going to type in my message and see what happens.

    Lovely to read how much you are enjoying Italy. I know it hasn't really been that long since I was there, but your posts are conjuring up some beautiful memories for me. Thank you. I might just have to go and have a look at my photo album.


    By Anonymous Jackie, at 10:29 pm  

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