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Saturday, May 20, 2006


I thoroughly enjoy UK TV... and justas well too when I have to pay for the priveledge of using it!

This week is particularly exciting. I had been feeling a little glum ever since I found out that I would be missing Big Brother. That all changed when I realised that the UK version was starting up this week, and boy do they know how to pick housemates! I'll be sure to give a better description in the coming days but for know just know that they've got two totally different and openly camp gay men, a gold-digger, a plastic surgery junkie, a woman who doesn't believe that people need friends and a bunch of other people who love themselves far too much. Things are already tense after only 24 hours!

The other television highlight occurs tonight! Yes, it's Eurovision time and I have to say... I'm jumping out of my skin with the anticipation. I've seen the UK entrant (I actually voted for the sad old man going through a middle aged crisis) and if he's the general idication of whatwe're in for I am going to be wetting myself with laughter all night. (Adie has told me I'm not allowed to vote, but I most certainly will if I feel the need!)

So, tomorrow I will get back to you with all of the vital info about the housemates... I should also mention the young man with tourettes that they've plonked in there and the fact that the public can find themselves in the house by finding a "golden ticket" hiding in their kitkat a la Willy Wonka... and whether or not Eurovision is all I've dreamed of.

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