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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Eurovision Heaven!!!

As you must surely know, the 51st Annual Eurovision Song Contest occured last Saturday night... and what a fantastic event it was. For those of you who were silly enough to miss it, I'm here to share the highlights. Alternatively, you could check out the official Eurovision website at

There was the usual mix of interesting fashion, lyrics and commentary thatI justcan't get enough of. I'll start with the winners though, because they've earned it.

2006 saw Finland's Lordi win with their surefire hard rock hit 'Hard Rock Hallelujah'. Now this band were favourites going into the cometition, despite their not quite being what you'd expect from Eurovision. (See picture below.) For all of their costumes and makeup though I thought they were a little tame. If you're going to dress up like a devil why not act up a bit to show that you really mean it. Ahh well. I laughed and laughed when I realised that they'd won.

Other highlights included the German entry that were oh so country. I guess they were trying to appeal to all of the European voters who are Texas expats. (The song was really ordinary too!)

There was also the Lithuanian entry that must have been feeling quite confident with their song 'We Are The Winners... of Eurovision'. I actually thoroughly enjoyed it and can't get it out of my head. Very funny!

Of course I must make mention of the UK entry... Daz Sampson and his song 'Teenage Life'. This middle aged man strutted around on stage with a bunch of young girls dressed in school uniforms singing about the difficulties of being a teen in today's world. Oh please! Still bloody funny though!

And finally my favourite entrant of the night... Spain's Las Ketchup with 'Bloody Mary'. These girls danced around on cheap office chairs (badly) and sang lyrics like "duty free, duty free, duty free... un bloddy mary pour favour". I really need to get a recording because it was truly spectacular in a really tragic way!

I can't wait for nextyear!!!


  • I miss the Eurovision. I remember my favourite cliffhanger, it was 1981 and the English entry ‘Making Your Mind Up’ by Bucks Fizz won. One of England’s proudest moment - and I was there to see it happen live...

    By Blogger Logan, at 6:37 am  

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