Trip Of A Lifetime

Friday, October 06, 2006


Firstly, to those of you who like it when I post weekly (or more frequently even), I'm sorry for the recent absence. I do have reasons though.

Reason #1
Adie and I spent a week wandering around Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and had some trouble finding and Internet cafe in our limited spare time.

Reason #2
In less than one month we leave the UK for a month in China before coming home and as a result we have boxes to pack and send, visas to apply for and last minute loose ends to tie up.

Reason #3
I suffered from what would have to be the worst case of gastro I have ever had. I was actually vomitting. Now, for most people this may seem reasonable, but I don't do vomit. The last time I did was 10 years ago... once. And before that I think I was 10. Any memories from when I was a baby have obviously been buried so deep I can no longer retrieve them without hypnosis. This all resulted in my not really wanting to do much more than sleep in the bathtub.

Now, I will post the photos we took on our most recent trip as soon as possible, but please understand that this takes far more time than typing (up to 10 minutes per photo) and I still have to check the boxes thoroughly so that Australian customes don't decide to delve in and serch for things to seize.

So, until then. Happy trails and don't do anything I wouldn't do.


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