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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Spoonful Of Nutella

We were lucky last week to do some final European travelling. I spent a few days with my Aunty Namesake in Germany, where we ate too much good food and talked more than I thought was humanly possible (especially with the amount of German I have).

Then I met up with Adie at Heathrow and we flew to Basel to meet a friend of ours who I will call Nutella (due to his insatiable love of the chocolatey stuff!

As was bound to happen at some point in our travels, my bag didn't manage to arrive in Basel with us. BA very kindly gave me some toiletries and a t-shirt (white, no doubt because I was wearing a black bra at the time). I think perhaps they should also consider including a pair of underpants as that is what I really wanted. Thankfully, after 36 hours my bag arrived. I wonder what it did with all that extra time? It could have bought me a souvenir!

Nutella is German but lives and works in Szitzerland, so we got a double deal. We spent our first day in Freiburg checking out the town and then went to Switzerland from there.

Switzerland was just gorgeous. Autumn has come late as so we were lucky enough to see all of the colours... and eventually you will be able to also (when the computer is willing to play ball and actually load the freakin' photos!!!).

We drove around Interlaken (I think) on our way to Schiltorn, a restuarant on top of a 3000 metre mountain top used in the 007 film 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'... or something like that. We had to take four cable cars up to the top and the views were breath-taking. We could see the Eiger and Jungfrau whenever the clouds cleared.

I wish that the photos had worked. :( I'll try again tomorrow. There seems to be more trouble with the computer in the evening than during the day so it may work better then.


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