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Friday, October 06, 2006

Hello Out There And A Big Congratulations

Now, I don't normally talk about my friends on here, but I'm making two exceptions today.

Exception #1
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Two very dear friends of mine have just become parents and now have another little boy in the house. (The first being dad, in case you missed my subtlety, although I have to say that by "little boy" I of course mean youthful and young at heart.) I can't wait to meet the new member of this family!

Exception #2
There was a fantastic Canadian couple that Adie and I met on our travels in France. I would love for them to get in touch with me as I have packed their details in the bottom of a box that at best will meet up with me again just before Christmas and at worst will journey via South Africa to Australia and eventually make it home for Easter. So, if you read this, please send us an email or post a comment.

With excpetions done I shall now exit, stage left.


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