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Monday, March 13, 2006

Finally... The Photos From Ireland

Well, here we go... the photos. I almost gave up on them, but it just goes to show that we all need to persevere in life to get what we want. I don't quite know what happened to the photos of the Rock of Cashel though. Maybe they're on another CD. I'll look into it.

This first photo is of Adie at some castle ruins. I honestly can't remember what they're called. I do have it written down back at home, but I forgot to bring it with me. They look really nice with all that green growing on them, I think.

Now this is me, freezing half to death at the Cahergall Stone Fort. It was really amazing. It was a perfect circle with this outer wall and then an inner chamber bit. I'm sure there are more technical terms but I don't know them... obviously. We had fun here. It would be a great place to play. Correction, it was a good place to play. We climbed and jumped and giggled. Imagine having to place all those rocks by hand!

Now this photo was taken on the Skellig Ring at the top of a hill after we stopped the car in middle of a one lane road just to take the shot. It was SO cold. OMG I have never experienced such freezing winds. It felt like icicles were passing through our bodies. Maybe we should have put our jackets on.

This one is of Adie after we'd climber to the top of Bunratty Castle. Luckily the rain had stopped because when we initially entered the grounds it was absolutely pouring! We were lucky to find this shot though because every other turrety thing we looked through gave us a view of power lines or the freeway or the carpark. It really stuffed with the atmosphere. This one almost looks authentic though. No wonder Adie's smiling!

Ok, this final photo is of us at the Cliffs of Moher. This place is just absolutely stunning. It takes your breath away. Partly due to the cold wind that whipping you, but mostly because of the most amazing views. Again here we were really lucky with the weather. As we were driving here the rain was heavy and constant. As soon as we parked, it cleared up and we had magnificent blue skies. Ask to see the other photos from here when we come home though, they are just amazing!


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