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Friday, March 10, 2006

Two Sides To Every Student

In the past two days I have seen both extremes of student behaviour and regard for teachers. Last night I was able to see them at their best. Feeling proud and looking towards their teachers for acknowledgement of the work that they had done. Yes, I went to the school musical.

The script was absolutely atrocious. There was no clear storyline, no ending and many of the songs went on for far too long. The students involved however were just fantastic. They had energy, enthusiasm and simply loved every moment of being on stage in front of family and friends. They beamed after the show because they felt as though they had been a part of something great. It actually made me reconsider the way that I've been thinking about them. For these kids, that performance was something great. It's got nothing to do with them if they are born into an area and family that don't value the same things I do.

The other sextreme of behaviour happened on Wednesday. I was taking a class in the hall and at one point I could smell poo. I assumed a student had passed wind and left it at that. About 20 minutes before the class was set to end I could smell it again, but it seemed to be coming from me!?! I did a quick check of my clothes, a subtle look at and under my shoes, and I looked around the area I was standing in. (All while the lovely little ones did some rehearsals.)

Finally I found the source of the smell. It was on my HAND! I had somehow managed to get s smear a dog poo ON MY HAND!

As the darlings started perfoming their plays, I started searching for the source of this smear. My eyes seached under chairs, on shoes... everywhere they could. Finally I found it. Someone muct have had it on their shoe and then put their foot onto a table where the substance had scraped off. Somehow I must have touched the table.

Now, in my fear of what the students might do should I leave them, I then proceeded to continue the class rather than run screaming ot a bathroom to scrub my sullied palms. I don't think my composure has ever been tested to such a degree. Eventually the class finished, I quickly marched to the toilets and washed... and washed.

Initially I figured the whole ordeal as an accidental and embarrassing moment. I certainly didn't see any malice in the incident. When I arrived home I found out thatI was wrong. I also found out that I did not get to poop on my hand from the table. I got it on my hand when I picked up my keys. Yes, some little (please, please excuse this) f***er thought it okay to grab MY keys, that were sitting with my things, and use one of them to scrape the poo from his/her shoe! How disgusting. How little regard this person has for the people around them.

I don't like that particular class.

I'm going to try focusing on the positives I was able to witness last night and not on the horrors of what transpired on Wednesday. I make no promises though.


  • Oh, no, that's disgusting. You poor thing. Lovely little pains in the derriere you have there.

    I'm at work. It's a public holiday. It's pouring down with rain outside. I could smell bushfires this morning and apparently there's one that started around Snake Gully (near Ballarat) last night that was 60% under control by the time I was watching the news at 6:30 this morning. Hopefully the rain is doing some good where it's needed.

    The 20's party was good. Mum didn't recognise me for a second. She found me in the bathroom with my sisters helping EHG straighten her hair and looping Boo's locks into a bit of an up-do. That bit was fun. We had to leave the party early; I said 9:00 but Logan hadn't quite finished his pina colada so I got to have a bit more of a chat and pick up some of the DVD's I'd lent them previously and we ended up leaving around 9:30.

    It was hard getting up this morning.

    I wonder how many students will not turn up today because they think that the public holiday applies to them...

    By Blogger Riss, at 9:27 pm  

  • Noshie, that story is really shit.

    By Blogger BEVIS, at 2:05 pm  

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