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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

We're In A Booking Frenzy!!!

Adie and I have been booking up a storm. How exciting! First thing booked were theatre tickets. Pretty low key, but I'm excited. We're going to see "Mary Poppins" on Monday night! Yay!. I grew up with this in movie form. I watched it all the time and knew every word of every song. In primary school we even did a little performance of it in the multi-purpose room. I can't believe I'm going to see it on stage!

Anyway... we've also booked some stuff for this coming holiday. Two weeks in April. We will be going to Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. In that time we'll also quickly catch up with some family in Germany. Exciting!

About six weeks after that we've organised to go to Italy for mid-term break. We'll see things like Rome, Venice, Pompeii and Capri. Lovely. Weather will be getting warmer and we'll be soaking up the atmosphere on the continent. Adie can't stop talking about it.

Of course our summer holidays are still being spent in Greece, Spain and Turkey, so maybe we'll come back a bit brown. Jealous? That's a bit mean I guess. Just think, in order to be able to do it all we have to live in a tiny little room that won't heat and that only allows us about 10 minutes of hot water in the shower before the tank needs 90 minutes to reheat. There are chilly nights while I sit in bed with the hot water bottle chewing on a bag of Percy Pigs (yummiest lollies ever invented) thinking about the sunshine.

It's so worth it though!


  • I know that Adie will have timed everything with the great precision, but if you have any leeway in your schedule I recommend you drop into Herculaneum at Ercolano (half way between Naples and Pompeii). And if you have anytime after that, take the bus to the top of Mt. Vesuvius (you can catch it from Ercolano train station). The view from the top of the volcano over the bay of Naples is well worth the (very small, but possible) risk of being caught in an eruption.

    By Blogger Logan, at 9:09 am  

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