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Friday, November 03, 2006

Switzerland In Photographs

As promised I tried to get the photos online and it looks as thought the computer and I are getting along this morning. Unfortunately there are no photos of Neuchatel because we took those on my camera and as yet I haven't transferred those to CD.

This first photo is of myself and Nutella somewhere near or in Interlaken (I could be very wrong about this location). We'd stopped by the side of the road to take photographs because this place was just beautiful with the lake surrounded by mountains.Another stop was quickly made here because there was a waterfall. We were lucky that there was water at all as recently there had been only a trickle coming down the mountain.This photo was taken after our visit to Trummelbach falls. It's a waterfall trapped inside a mountain and it's an amazing thing to see. Adie took some great photos but you'll have to wait until we're home to see them!Our main target for the day was to take the four cable cars up into the mountains to Schilthorn, a restaurant on one of the higher peaks. After the second cable car we found ourselves in Murren, a beautiful little town, where we stopped for lunch. Gosh these folks have a great view!After lunch with the sparrows, and one giant bird, we took the next two cable cars and found ourselves at Piz Gloria on Schilthorn. You can see the snow capped mountains behind us. Breath-taking. Nutella also gave me a crash course in how glaciers form so it was beautiful and informative. And perhaps I should also mention that it was cold.
Here I am standing on the mountain top with the restaurant behind me. The restaurant actually revolves, so after wandering around and trying not to fall off the mountain, we sent inside for a coffee and a spin.
Did you know that the cows in Switzerland still wear bells! They sound beautiful! This is Bessy, at least that's what I call her. She's a gorgeous cow that we met on our way down from the top of the mountain.
We only walked one section of the mountain and when we arrived at the bottom of it, we had to wait for our cable car. We sat at the tables of a backpackers next to the station. can you believe the view they have? They also have a hot tub that looked as thought it was designed for about 8, but we saw it fill with 12 American and Canadian tourists. They would have frozen their bits and pieces off when they came out of that water!

It was great fun in Switzerland and that was mostly thanks to having a fantastic guide. Thanks Nutella!


  • All your photos look stunning! We look forward to a "slides night" or two so we can see them all!! :)

    By Blogger Riss, at 1:54 am  

  • Speak for yourself!


    By Blogger BEVIS, at 12:14 pm  

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