Trip Of A Lifetime

Friday, December 08, 2006

Best Intentions

I had all these intentions to come back to Australia, get myself organised in a day or two and then be back online updating the photos from China and making sure that nothing (and nobody) was neglected.

Unfortunately my intentions have so far not panned out as hoped. Each night at around midnight I wonder where my day went as I haven't achieved half of what I wanted despite having been busy all day! As a result I still don't have all of the China photos on CD and I do't know where the others are. I just ask for patience.

Now... what has been happening since we returned home on Monday? Well! We've caught up with our families on every possible occaision. Friends have visited, including one lovely friend who met us at the airport as he was flying out of Victoria. Babies have been in abundance and crawling on the living room floor. The suitcases have been unpacked (finally!) but the stuff in them is now on the bedroom floor while I try to find time to paint the wardrobe.

Today is set to be 37degrees celcius and I'm planning on staying inside. It's not nice out anyway because we are having major bushfires in Victoria and all of the sky is hazy and grey with it. Thankfully we are not in danger in our neighbourhood, but a lot of people are in a bad way. It doesn't help that we're also drought stricken. It going to be a crap weekend for a lot of people and hopefully Sunday's weather change comes early and brings rain.

Hope a lot of you are enjoying the cold and the snow!