Trip Of A Lifetime

Saturday, August 26, 2006


We've been ın Turkey now for about one week and we love ıt. Cappadocia is a place lıke no other and once again Adıe has been forced to take hundreds of photographs. None of which I'll be able to post for at least another week so please be patient.

We've taken our shoes off (and I've covered my head) in several mosques and we've also been ın churches. I saw the Whirling Dervıshjes perfrom their extraordinary ceremony and we've braved the Grand Bazaar. Rıght now we're in a resort in Antalya. It has it's own water park. Fun! We still have places lıke Ephesus, Troy and the cotton castles to see.

Yesterday we went to a carpet place to drınk the tea and watch how they weave the carpets. Totally fascinating. The women that do this work are amazing. Adie and I of course fell in love wıth so many of the beautıful carpets we wanted to buy the all to furnish our house. But the prices! I guess thatyou are paying for upwards of three months labour and all natural materıals. Now brace yourself (family ın particular)... we bought one! It's not that bıg that we can't get it home and we absolutely love it. We're not telling you what ıt cost though. You can guess thatwhen we get home.

At Long Last... The Remaınıng Photos From Greece

The first photos are of Rhodes. We spent a day there and went on a tour of Lındos. Before going to Lındos though, we spent some time in the old walled city. We leant soem fascinating things about the history here but had a fast talkıng guide who made it difficult for us to keep up. Here i am on the avenue of the knights as this is a place where the knights of St John lived for some time.Next we made the long walk up to the ruins at Lindos. It wouldn't have been such a long walk if there weren't so many tourists in at the time. I think this is one of those places that is better in winter. All of the people and the heat was worth ıt though. The colours in the water are unbeatable! In the photos below they are stunning, but still nothing lıke the reality. The nextisland we visited was Santorini. Here we are having just clımbed to the highest part of the volcanıc islands that are forming in the caldera. It was stinling hot and the ground was made up of small rocks thatkept wanting to give way as you climbed, but it was worth it. You could feel the heat coming from the cetre of the earth and see all of the many dıfferent colours and foramtıons created by the lava flow. Stunning. From the climb we sailed around the corner to thıs spot pictured below where we could swim ın the thermally heated waters. There is a lot of iron in this area so the water is red and my bathers are ever so slightly altered, but whatan experience. I couldn,t believe thatthere were people in the group who decided to stay sitting in the sun on the boat.
Finally, after our climb and swim, we headed to the mainland and took a bus up to the town. (Thankfully no more climbing!) We didn't get to spend much time here but we did get to see the sunset as we waited for the cable car. Adie took some fantastic shots and you must check them out when we come home.I've said it before,and yes I will say it again, Greece is fantastic and we can't wait to get back there!

Friday, August 18, 2006


There has been a lot going on at home lately that we´ve not been there for and I just wanted to put in a little post tolet you all know that we´re thinking of everyone constantly and sending all of the warm fuzzies that we can.

Love to everyone (who knows us and that we like, of course... oh what the hell... to anyone that wants it really)!!!


Wanted to go back and give more details about the Greek photos I posted, but this computer won´t let me see the photos meaning I will be describing something I can´t see. Could be interesting I guess, but I´ll give it a miss.

We´re in Barcelona at the moment and we´re leaving here for Turkey tomorrow. We´re both very excited about that! We have heaps of photos to put on here when we get the chance. We still have to bore you with Santorini and what we took here in Spain.

We´re having a good time, if a slightly tiring one, and wish it could last forever. As it´s impossible for life to work out that way, we are instead making sure that we make the most of every opportunity we´re getting.

May not be able to post again for a couple of weeks. Not sure of the Internet situation in Turkey. Will be able to play catch up then though I would think.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

More Grecian Photos

Can´t say much. Intenet time running out rapidly. Will put headings on photos so you know where we are, then when I have more time I will come back and put in more info and let you all kow that it´s been updated and you can come back if you wish. OK.

The next two photos are at Mystra... a bloody big climb!This is us at Sparta.
We had a lovely dinner in Delphi with a gorgeous view that´s little difficult to see.
Still in Dephi for the next two. Up at the Oracle.

Mykonos.Love ya. Miss ya.

We´re In Love With Greece

We loved Greece! From the incredible history that can be seen through ancient temples to the beaches that leave you feeling refreshed after a day of climbing in 40 degree heat. From the fantastic cuisine that i drenched in olive oil to the amazingly friendly people who will help in any way they can. You must find time to go to Greece!

We started in Athens in the Hotel Coral at Flisvos, which I´m mentioning because it was a lovely hotel with brilliant staff. The hotel is right across from the beach and at night Adie and I would wander over to swim the warm waters of the Aegean. Make sure that you remind us to show you our sunset photos from the exact location of our nightly swims.

On our second day we took a day cruise to three of the islands near the mainland: Paros, Hydra and Aegina. We didn´t have much time in Paros so all we really achieved was a climb to the top of a hill to check out the view. Not bad hey?
On the way down there were locals selling all sorts of things that nobody really needs. To risk falling down the steps I sat on them to check out the bargains. We managed not to succumb to the Greek Mythology playing cards in the end.Our favourite of the three islands was definitely Hydra. We wandered off through the streets, up and up to the highest point we could manage and then just let the world pass us by. It was siesta time so there weren´t many people about and all of the tourists were down near the port buying coffees and souvenirs so it was peaceful and lovely. The next two photos are Adie in one of the shop filled streets and tme at some point on our walk up through the residential area.The last island that we visited was Aegina. They have the most amazing pistachio nuts here that the locals all seem to grow. We found this beach (well, more like a rock that gave access to the water) where Adie had a little paddle to cool his toes.Visiting the islands was brilliant and well worth it. It really got us excited about the four dy cruise we´d be going on later as well.

Following the one day cruise we started our mailand tour of Greece. Of course we went to explore Athens first. Here we are at the Olympic stadium in Athens where the marathon finishes (or something like that). It is not the original, that´s in Olympia.From there we went to the foot of the Acropolis to see the Theatre of Dionysus (god of wine and fun stuff). It was pretty exciting for me to be in the birthplace of theatre as we know it and I did enjoy seeing all of the amphitheatres that were on our tour.After staring at the bottom, we unfortunately had to climb to the top! Did I mention that it´s hot in Greece? Totally worth it though. Here´s Adie and the view.It turns out that they need to constantly work on these old buildings so that they will be around for generations to come. Maybe it means that the photo isn´t quite perfect, but we´re glad that these places are being looked after. Check us out at the Parthenon! (Geez I hope I´ve got my buildings around the right way... tell me if I´m stupid please!)After leavig Athens, we headed through Corinth, over the Corinth Canal (which mightily imresssed Adie I might add) and to Epidaurus to see the amazing and huge amphitheatre there with it´s amazing acoustics. It is still in use during the summer season, but it only shows classic works: Aristophanes, Shakespeare. So much more to come. Sorry about the quantity of pics all in one go, but we have to use the opportunitise that present themselves. Today´s opportunity is a cheap Internet cafe with a fast connection!